Chinese Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Chinese Teacher

Have you ever prepared Valentine’s Day gifts for your Chinese teacher? Aug.6 2011 is Chinese Valentine’s Day; it is also good time to show your love and appreciation for your Chinese teacher. If you have no good ideas, don’t miss this article that will help you find appropriate Chinese Valentine’s Day gifts.

Chinese Valentine’s Day

Qi Qiao Jie is the Chinese day of love, much like Valentine’s Day. The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the only Chinese festival devoted to love in the lunar calendar.

Today, younger Chinese are often unfamiliar with the holiday, and more likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Still, in some cities efforts are being made to bring back many of the traditional festivals – including Qi Qiao Jie – in order to attract tourists.

Your Chinese teacher might tell you the beautiful legend of Chinese Valentine’s Day. You may be interested in the tradition of Chinese Valentine’s day.

Long ago, on Chinese Valentine’s Day, young lovers go to the temple of the Matchmaker and pray for their love and happiness, and their possible in China. In the evening, your Chinese teacher may sit outside to observe the stars. On the night, Vega and Altair are closer together than at any other time of year, Chinese grannies of your teacher say that if you stand under a grapevine, you can probably overhear what Zhi Nv and Niu Lang are saying to one another.

Chinese Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

It is good for you choose appropriate Chinese’s Valentine’s Day gifts for Chinese teacher according to some traditional celebration ideas of Valentine’s Day.

Chinese Valentine’s Day traditions abound and this special day is celebrated differently depending on the Chinese province.

•Some of the many traditions include Chinese girls preparing fruits, melons, and incense as offerings to Zhi Nu, the weaving maiden, praying to acquire high skills in needlecraft, as well as hoping to find satisfactory husbands.

•Girls place sewing needles on water. If the needle doesn’t sink, it’s a sign of the girl’s maturity and intelligence and she is ready and eligible to find a husband.

•People in some Chinese provinces believe that decorating the horns of oxen with flowers will save them from catastrophe. Another tradition is for women to wash their hair to make it look fresh and shining.

•This festival is also known as Qixi, or sometime the Magpie festival.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Chinese Teacher

Qi Qiao Jie is Chinese traditional festival and sentimental time for every Chinese people who are living in all around the world. So select right will help your Chinese teachers have happy Valentine’s Day. It is smart and thoughtful choose them according to Chinese traditional culture.

China-themed Valentine’s Gifts

For a special Valentine’s Day for Chinese teacher gift, consider purchasing exotic Chinese items. There are many kinds of types of Chinese themed gifts available this holiday season.

Home Decorations

Many Chinese items have become popular items for home decoration in America, especially during the Chinese Valentine’s Day, more and more stores or online stores offer kinds of home decor for customers. These gifts are suitable for your Chinese teacher who puts emphasis on her home’s interior design.

Some appropriate gifts in this category are Chinese paintings, calligraphy scrolls and antique fans feature the legend of Qiqiao or Zhi Nv and Niu Lang will be perfect.

Your Chinese teacher must be interested in the bamboo-themed Valentine’s Day gift, you know bamboo-associated with summer in Chinese culture. Choose a small bamboo plant without reservation since bamboo grows rapidly.

Bamboo is not only clever option on this holiday for Chinese teachers to decorate their house, but also considered to represent the perfect balance of yin and yang.

Cooking Items

Every Chines people can’t live the life without Chinese food for Chinese food has a rich history and differs from Western cuisine in many ways. If your Valentine’s Day gift has a taste for Chinese food or is interested in cooking, items such as kitchenware or condiments make special Chinese Valentine’s Day gifts.

Qixi Crafts Kits

As part of Qixi, your Chinese female teacher has typically prayed in hopes of receiving inportant skills in needlework and weaving. So choose an elaborate cross-stitch,crewel embroidery or needlepoint kit for the female who excels in the area of handicrafts.

Latch-hook rugs are another option. Kits typically come with a pre-printed canvas and pre-cut pieces of yarn in the appropriate colors. The latch hook is usually sold separately.

Crystal Valentine’s Day Plaque

There are many different types of Valentine’s Day gifts items available this holiday season. The most popular being the traditional engraved gifts. Almost anything can be engraved. Engravable gifts are personalization and elegant, they are heartwarming and touch the lives of your Chinese teacher.

Therefore, customize a engraved gifts to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day for your teacher will be wonderful, you can choose the crystal plaque for its clean perfection and sparkling reflection.

Many kinds of online trophy stores can offer DIY service like, you can design your own Valentine’s Day plaque according to the interests and tastes of your Chinese teacher.

You can design the plaque features the shape of heart, brilliantly cut and hand polished to perfection, the crystal heart radiates with charm along the beveled edges. A stunning love gift for that special one.

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