Teacher Gifts – Summer Crafts

Every teacher is interested in the homemade teacher gifts from students, and homemade gifts like crafts are a fun way for kids to get creative. This article will help kids of all ages find easy art and craft ideas to let them become personalized teacher summer gifts during the special summer vacation.

Top 10 cool summer crafts for teacher

Beach Crafts

Personalized Sun Hat for Teacher

Summer beach is filled with exciting, romantic and charming, it is better that have the company of beautiful sun hat. Not only does a sun hat make your teacher look oh-so-beach-blanket chic, but they give your teacher great sun protection in addition to your sunscreen.

You may be thinking of adding crocheted flowers to the sun hats or drawing a lovely pattern on it. Just do it enjoy yourself, your teacher can’t not refuse the unique sun hat. You can imagine that she will be the highlight of the beach.

Summer House Decoration

Summer House Decoration

If your teacher is interested in decorating her house with some salty characters, and then you can make these cockleshell critters, perched on their driftwood stand, these salty characters really dress up a teacher’s night table or desktop. Don’t miss this teacher summer gift idea.

Juice Pouch Purse

A trendy way to transport your teacher’s valuables, this waterproof purse is the perfect accessory for summer and it is creative teacher gift idea.

  • Set aside 10 empty juice pouches, clean and dry.
  • Place two pouches picture side up next to each other vertically.
  • Overlap them 1/4 inch and sew together using a zigzag stitch. This is the front panel; repeat the back panel.
  • For the bottom panel, overlap two pouches horizontally, sew them together in equal length to the front and back panels.
  • Sew one pouch to each short edge of the bottom panel, silver side up and horizontal, to create your side panels.
  • Sew two panels together face side up horizontally and cut in half for two handles. Fold each handle into thirds; sew one to the inside of the front panel and another to the back.
  • Sew all sides together, leaving 1/4 inch open on the bottom. Sew on the bottom.

Crystal Teacher Appreciation Plaque

Teacher Appreciation Plaque

Design your personalization layout on teacher appreciation plaque is interesting and can develop children’s creative, the crystal appreciation plaque is perfect.

Diyawards.com offers this personalized service, you can choose appropriate style of teacher appreciation plaque what you love or according your teacher’s interest and taste. And personalize the plaque step by step follow the diyawards.com, including design your appreciation wording, best position to engrave teacher’s name, the size of wording and logo etc.

If you can’t have good award ideas, you can ask diyawards.com design it for you.

Mexican Yarn Craft

Mexican Yarn Craft

Your teacher will loves this traditional Mexican yarn craft features the richness and colorful of this summer. And kids love this for its fun weaving technique, and this framed variation is perfect for displaying summer vacation mementos of your teacher’s family.

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