End of School Year Activities Ideas for Teacher

Interesting end of school year activities ideas is also good end of school year gift for teacher. Planning end of school year activities requires a teacher to be resourceful. Meaningful and simple activities are good for teachers and students to help them welcome summer break.

This is a time to look back and reflect– as well as a time to think ahead. Here are four ideas of end of school year activities be suitable for youth-both grade school and middle school.

T-shirt Memories

With summer break approaching, memories of the past school year may be the last thing on student’s minds. So the school memory book become good end of school year gift for teachers. Have you ever seen the T-shirt Memories. It is interesting! But how to get it?

Personalized Teacher Gifts

1. Have each child bring a pre-washed white shirt to school on one of the last days of the year.

2. Paint each child’s hand with bright-colored paint; then have them press their handprint onto the T-shirt.

3. Have children sign their names under their handprints.

4. Last, have them collect autographs from their friends using thick, pointy-tipped, permanent black markers to sign the T-shirts.

5. You could also just write the grade and year on the front or back of the t-shirt and have all students sign the shirt—and perhaps add a personal touch with a favorite saying or drawing.

DIY Teacher Appreciation Plaque


Customize a personalized teacher appreciation plaque with student’s teacher appreciation wording, poems, quotes etc. will be perfect and interesting.

Crystal teacher appreciation plaque is unique and beautiful, therefore students can customize crystal plaque at diyawards.com. This online trophy store make it easier for you to customize the plaque, just the way you like it, with their online personalization wizard.

Then, Diy Awards will engraving students’ thank you teacher wording, end of school year quotes or poems depend on every student’s need, deep-etch crystal engraving and logo set-ups are always offered free of charge. [Click here to see more]

Summer Break Reading Planning

End of school year is appropriate time for evaluating students’ study and making a list of things they would like to change in the coming school year. Help them make a good summer break reading planning is important for every teacher.

Use your classroom or school library to search good books for the reading planning.

Take a end of school trip to the children’s section at the library or bookstore, and help your student to make a summer reading list.

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