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Those who love children and learning and also posses patience, stamina and nerves of steel, except parents, maybe there are elementary school teachers, you must want to thank them for their thoughtful care of your kids, thank them for their patient education for naught children. Are you looking for the best thank you elementary school teachers gifts?

Write your own thank you teacher poems or teacher appreciation songs there are perfect and suitable for male or female teacher. For female elementary school teacher, exquisite and warm gifts are appropriate such as  bubble baths, chocolates, spa night and lotions or the beautiful gift baskets with flower and thank you cards/letters, for male teachers they will need more manly gifts, focus on his interests and classroom needs to choose a more “manly” or gender-neutral gift.

Why is elementary school teacher appreciation so important?

1) Because they need more support and recognition for their work

As an  elementary school teacher, they all know how important their role is. Elementary education programs are college level teaching programs designed to help students prepare for the task of teaching children from five to twelve years of age.

Teaching elementary school appeals to those who want to make a difference in very young lives. They love children and learning and also possess patience, but they want to get more support and recognition from children’s parents. This is big motivation for them to do better.

2) Because they know they are the engineers of children’s spirit

Bitter are the roots of study, but how sweet their fruit. Teacher is the great engineer of children’s spirit.

Elementary school teachers always teach our children how become outstanding people with good personality and gentle behavior, know more about protocol and civilization, learn forgive, told you what is love etc. Then this is good behavior that show appreciation by appropriate thank you teacher gifts, we always set good example for our kids.

3) They always work hard

When the kids are at home doesn’t mean that teachers are not working. They need to finish all documentation at the end of the year and they have to set and prepare the new classes before the next course begin. They need to spend more time thinking of new teach methods to motivate student’s interest. They need to know more growth of every student, their family, their psychology, their grade etc.

How to show our appreciation and care for elementary school teachers?

There are different occasions you can use to show your appreciation and love to your teachers, not only the teacher appreciation month, week or the highlight of the teacher appreciation week – teacher appreciation day. The important thing is you should make sure choose appropriate thank you gifts for different occasions.


Teacher Gifts from Students

  • Create a giant teacher thank-you card for display in the school community. Place markers by the card so community members can add their words of thanks.
  • Memory Book. Children love to be the author of their own books. You’ll only be able to pull this off if you get the children alone, away from their Vacation Bible School teacher, for a short while. Pass out sheets of colorful paper and ask each child to write down her favorite memory of VBS. She can illustrate it, add a poem—whatever helps her best express her feelings about the week. After you have gathered the memory pages, punch holes along the sides and bind with rings or pieces of ribbon.
  • Bookmark. Homemade bookmark may be elegant thank you teacher gifts, this will be clean gift ideas and your teacher also needs this.


Teacher Gifts from Kid’s Parents

  • Give the teachers’ lounge a makeover-buy new furniture, reupholster old furniture, or give the walls a new coat of paint.
  • Offer parents ideas for small tokens of appreciation, such as apples, bookmarks, homemade goodies or crafts, “World’s Greatest Teacher” mugs, or coffee shop gift cards, to give to teachers at the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week or each day of the week.
  • They host a Teacher Luncheon that put on for the teachers at no cost to them. Our mother to prepare food (something easy, like sandwiches or wraps or soups or quiches) and decorate a room (or host at a home), then we invite the teachers to come and enjoy a meal together just for fun (no agenda).


Teacher Gifts from School/Educational Organization

  • Ask local businesses to each adopt a teacher for the week and display students’ drawings, cards, and stories about that teacher in a store window.
  • Offering training events, making ourselves available to help as needed (with copying, or room set-up, or getting equipment set up, etc.) or to brainstorm ideas, praying for them, etc.
  • Take out an ad in the local newspaper to thank the teachers in your school or district.


Laurels and Awards

  • Teacher Appreciation Award. A big “Thank You” and round of applause for a job well done, the Crystal Book makes a unique teacher award plaque to express your heartfelt appreciation.
  • Teacher of the Year Award. The most frequently used teacher award program, “Teacher of the Year” awards honor best teachers for their dedication to teaching.



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